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Serving Best Biryani & Tandoori Chicken Since 2020

Desi Chulha delivers both authentic taste of Hyderabadi (Kutchi) and Lucknowi (Pukki) Biryani prepared in individual earthen Handis with the freshest ingredients. Also the Andhra Biryani which is a sub variant of Lucknowi Biryani. Desi Chulha is the only Biryani Chain to make Biryani fresh for every individual order, and deliver it as soon as it was cooked. To take your Biryani experience a notch higher, we send you accomplishments with each order to give the last bit of dum for the perfect smoky flavour and aroma of spices when you dig in to your Biryani. For the Galouti Kebabs, Desi Chulha minces the meat multiple times, and marinates them in the most authentic way, to make them surely melt in your mouths & hearts. Kormas are prepared in the most authentic way to satiate both stomach & heart.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Biryani & Tandoori Chicken Since 2020

We at Desi Chulha believe that “Biryani” will be the biggest Food Services & Delivery category from India. Biryani is a complete meal, filled with aromas & flavours, recipes can be both authentic & versatile, and it caters itself to delivery very well. Desi Chulha uses the best ingredients including one of the most expensive branded rice specially aged around 2 years, spices handpicked, and most stringently selected meats & vegetables for its Biryanis , Korma & Kebabs. Apart from this, Desi Chulha uses world class technologies, processes & systems to give the best quality, standardization, hygiene & convenience to customers and the ability to order online. Desi Chulha is committed to making Desi Chulha premium Biryani Chain and making Biryani category popular worldwide.

Desi Chulha prefer to pre-book the orders or they will deliver in 90 mins, as each Biryani order is cooked fresh for every individual order.
Keeping in sync with the spirit of meaningful innovation, Biryani By Kilo goes a step further in the Food Tech and Delivery space by holistically inculcating a pro-active social cause in its business model. We cut out the middle man and provide sustainable employment to the craftsmen and artisans. We are very conscious about environment and giving back to society. And very proud of the authentic flavours & recipes which make our Biryanis, Kebabs, Kormas & Phirni.
It’s about time we rediscovered the real heritage of our nation in love with its food, it’s time to order a royal feast by the Desi Chulha.

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Our Food Policy

This guidance provides food safety information for food businesses which deliver meals to customers. You can receive an order for a takeaway by phone, your own website, or another online platform.

If you are providing an online menu or order form, you must make sure it’s clear what you’re selling, the quantity, the price, and all relevant allergen information. Food delivery businesses must provide allergen information to customers when taking an order. This can be done orally (by phone) or in writing (through your website or a printed menu).

Our Core Values

We are serious about creating a productive, cooperative and rewarding environment for our staff and maintaining the highest levels of quality, service and consistency for our customers.

– We believe in honesty and integrity and always strive to be fair and ethical
– We believe in going the extra mile and exceeding expectations
-We believe in providing a professional, reputable service with friendly, personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about

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